FreMEn contra COVID

We are a team of scientists from the Czech Technical University in Prague doing research in a rather new branch of science called chronorobotics. We have developed technology that has substantial potential to help the citizens of the Czech Republic, especially in these hard times when our society is facing an epidemic caused by a new type of coronavirus.

PREVENT High Concentration of People in a Single Area

At the moment, the most effective prevention against the spread of the virus is regulating the number of people in a single area. Our project is designed to do exactly that.

Hygiene 4.0

Our project is part of the school of thought which could be called “Hygiene 4.0”. This approach is based on the assumption that in today’s global community we are experiencing a rapid spread of epidemics, which we cannot mitigate with past approaches, such a cordoning off of affected regions (total quarantine). We tackle the problem intelligently, but at the same time we respect the privacy of our users. It is for this reason that our app is built on crowd-sourced anonymous data. While our approach is not optimal with regards to sheer quantity, we believe that it is the best method of maintaining health, privacy and democracy.

We believe that it is not a burden for users to enter - with just three taps - the number of people who are currently waiting in line in a shop. Just like how during an epidemic you would emphasize hygiene by washing your hands diligently, as part of Hygiene 4.0 you can share current information to help you and your community avoid a potential infection. The frequency and completeness of the submitted data does not have to be perfect, as our model makes predictions by also taking into account local customs and patterns of human behavior.

No Snooping

Unlike other population control projects, we put strict emphasis on the anonymity of all data. We categorically reject tools that monitor and deanonymize individuals – tools that seem like they were taken out of the realm of dark visions of our possible future. We believe that similar steps may lead to the stigmatization and hounding of citizens.


Our method is built on artificial intelligence, which we call FreMEn. FreMEn is able to learn, understand, and evaluate, in which hours and at which places there is a heightened number of people in a single area, and thus of potential spreaders of the virus. FreMEn can then inform the public through mobile apps or web pages which locations should be avoided at given times, and where the risk is not as high.

A Network of Responsibility – FreMEn Explorer

In order for our project to successfully commence and gain universal usability, we need a large number of volunteers who will be willing to supply data about the numbers of people in certain areas at particular times. This is the only way by which we can supply FreMEn with sufficient information to create a continuous time-space map which will, as we believe, be useful to all of us. Help us create a Network of Responsibility. Become a part of it! Become our FreMEn Explorers. By doing so, you can not only prevent the spreading of a dangerous epidemic, but also participate in the development of a modern technology unbound by the influence of corporations and private capital, and created under the patronage of scientists based at a leading research institution with a number of international partners.


We would be very happy if you decide to co-operate with us. However, we must point out that we do not expect anyone to go out hectically gathering data and therefore contradicting the intention of the state-declared quarantine. Gathering and sending data is appropriate only in spaces which we necessarily need to visit in order to ensure our survival in this extraordinary situation.